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Want your Deep Wave Extensions to have that wet look???

deepwave extensions Vanity 22 Vigorol Mouuse wet look



Many customers make the mistake of buying hair and installing it without washing it.  


That's cool if you're wearing corner store beauty supply weave. For some of us, those were the days when we would get our hair laid, wear it for 2-3 weeks, throw the hair away, buy more hair, then do it all over again. Now people are spending hundreds of dollars buying top quality 100% human hair extensions like deepwave extensions offered by Vanity 22. But we'll talk about that in another blog post later. 


We recommend using OGX Shampoo Nourishing Coconut Milk by @ogx_beauty.  As long as your preferred shampoo is sulfa-free, YOU'RE GOOD.

  1. Holding the extension with your dominate hand gently wash in a downward stroke using your non-dominant hand. DO NOT AGITATE THE HAIR
  2. Condition hair and let sit for 20 min or over night tied in a bag to allow the conditioner to settle into hair.
  3. Rinse hair in cool water
  4. Hang hair and allow to air dry

Now you’re ready for the install.

But how do I get my Deep Wave extensions to have the wet look? What supplies do I need?

  • spray bottle filled with water
  • towel to cover shoulders
  • Vigorol Mousse for CURLS (preferred, may be available at your local beauty supply store) 
  1. Put towel on shoulders because it can get messy and you don’t wanna be wet
  2. Doing one side at a time spray hair COMPLETELY. Run your fingers through the hair to make sure you didn’t miss a spot
  3. Now get the mousse SHAKE WELL, turn upside down, and fill palm with mousse. Apply an ample amount to that section of hair you’re working on. Make sure you get the ends of the hair too. You can even use your hands to scrunch the hair a bit to help the curls form.
  4. Now REPEAT those last 2 steps on the rest of the hair

Andddd Voila.... YOU DID IT

**These are OPINION ONLY tips and are not those of a licensed cosmetologist. RESULTS MAY VARY. Hair extension quality & hair care products make a difference on the outcome of the style. Shop for quality hair extensions.

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